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Water Is Life

Welcome to BenchPark.com, the benchmark site on water quality. We understand the importance of clean, clear water. Humans depend on water to live—we are made up of 2/3 water, after all—and we use this miraculous liquid for a wide array of things, from rehydrating to heating our homes and cleaning our bodies. And 71% of our planet is covered with liquid water, a unique situation that isn’t found on any other planet in our solar system and is one of the main reasons Earth can support life! With so much of our wellbeing tied up in water, it only makes sense that we put the quality of our water at the forefront of our concerns. Whether you’re looking for the best methods of purifying water at home or in the great outdoors, how to safely store and transport water, or how to heat and provide heat using water, we’ve got you covered.

We here at BenchPark.com want to encourage you to be mindful of where your water comes from, and how you are using it. From focusing on water conservation to making sure your plumbing system is well-maintained and clean, we’re here to help you ensure that your relationship with water is smooth sailing. Feel free to explore the sections above to learn more about the wonderful world of water.


drinking waterFrom the very beginning, mankind has been trying to find ways to clean water. Way back before written history, people learned that water by itself may look clean, but dangerous illnesses could be lurking unseen. Long before we knew that germs and bacteria could make people sick, we knew that mixing water with wine or beer could help kill some of these nasty germs off, making water safer to drink. Ancient civilizations used things like sand, gravel, and even charcoal to help filter impurities out of water, and even today things like Brita water filters and many other filtration systems use charcoal to help filter the water we drink. With advances in technology, we’ve been able to provide clean water to billions of people worldwide and keep learning new ways of purifying water every day.

Whether you’re looking for a home water filtration system to help remove some of the chemicals and impurities from your tap water, lower cost options like a water filter pitcher or a counter top filtration system, or are looking for portable water filter systems (or water bottles with a filter) that can help you on the trail or in a survival situation, investing in a water purifying system can help improve your quality of life, and of course drastically improve the taste of your water.

Of course, there are more complex water purifying systems like reverse osmosis systems, or filters for things like outdoor ponds, swimming pools, and of course hot tubs, all of which come with their own challenges and chemical solutions to ensure that they stay germ-free and fun to use. No matter what your needs, the first step to quality water is a good purification system.


water bottleStoring water can go as far back as human history, with records of people making pots, containers, water skins, and more to ensure that they could carry water with them and have it when they needed it. And of course, another type of water storage comes in the form of wells, which allow you to have water on demand far away from a running water source. Just like in the past, there are small-scale water storage options that can help ensure you stay hydrated and healthy while you’re on the go. With things like water bottles, reverse osmosis water tanks, and even filtering water pitchers, making sure you have water whenever you need it is easier than ever. But of course, choosing the right container can be as daunting as traveling across a desert without water, which is why it’s a good idea to do your research before investing in a high-quality personal water storage system.

Of course, while we may think of large-scale water storage options as water towers, there are plenty of water storage systems that you might not originally consider, like wells and some boilers. And of course, while we may not be tempted to go up and take a large drink out of an inground swimming pool, they can be home to a lot of standing water, which makes it even more important that they are well-regulated and cared for. Making sure these are in tip-top shape can greatly impact the quality of water in your household, and can help prevent costly expenses down the road.


water heatingFrom the warming sound of a tea kettle whistle to the aahhhh-inspiring feeling of slipping into a warm bath, hot water can be a luxury that is hard to live without. For anyone who has had a boiler failure or had their heat cut out unexpectedly, there is nothing as disheartening as cold water pouring out of your faucet when it should be warm.

Not only is it important to ensure you have hot water on demand for the day-to-day activities of life, but many homes also have hot water heating systems that bring warmth to every room, making a failure in the piping or a heater disaster all the more concerning. And of course, with the prevalence of on-demand (or tankless) water heaters versus boilers and even natural gas systems to help heat water, it can be hard to know where to start.

That’s why we’ve compiled all the information you could need on water heating, so you can get insightful reviews on the highest quality products all at your fingertips. Take some of the stress out of searching for water heaters and other water products by taking a nod from the experts. After all, sinking into that warm bath after a long day will feel even better knowing you have the highest quality heater available.

No matter what your water needs, let us help you navigate the choppy waters of, well, water with the help of expert reviews and insightful articles. Water is important, after all, but so is your time. With our help, you’ll be sailing along in no time.